Here’s a little trick I found playing around with Twitter the other day. I had this Twitter list full of relevant people for Rumble, it had hundreds of profiles. I could follow them one by one but that would have taken forever.

I did one simple thing: I retrieved the CSS selector path of a “Follow” button (making sure to exclude the “Unfollow”), and triggered a quick JQuery .click() method to click on all the matching elements.

script gif

That was already pretty useful, but I wanted something more straightforward than having to open the console and paste the snippet.

Here’s what I came up with:

Mass Twitter Follow Button

Just drag this button in your bookmark bar and here you go : a mass follow button. Just hit that button and you will trigger a click on 50 follow buttons in your window.

button gif

This actually gave me the following idea: it’d be awesome to have a small library of shortcuts to trigger very simple scripts. It could help marketers, or people who just don’t code, solving simple problems, gain time and, at the end of the day, be more productive.

Hope that helps.